Here are the scans of the new german CD-ROM catalog. When you 'hover' above a picture, the size (in Kb) should appear. From me, you can do what you want with the scans, but if you republish them on another (faster?) server, just mention my name somewhere, ok? (modest? who? me? 8-)

64 Kb

The front cover.
The catalog is about 20.5 cm wide, and 14.5 cm heigh.

41 Kb

The inside of the front cover.
I like the picture.....

68 Kb

The different software 'themes'.
There will be four themes in software: 'Games', 'Constructive', 'Software for Girls' and 'Learn'. Every produckt has one of these logos in the corner. Are this the 'Software Subthemes'?

117 Kb

Lego Creator
This is already in the shops. According to the catalog from Nov. 1998. There is a limited edition minifig in the box (like the Lego Island), this time it is 'Biker Bob'

127 Kb

Lego Creator 2
another picture of the Lego Creator

143 Kb

Lego Chess
This is already in the shops too. Also with a limited edition minifig in the box: 'The Crazy King' (rough translation)

108 Kb

Lego Chess 2
another picture of the Lego Chess Game.

127 Kb

Lego Loco
This is already in the shops too. With 2 minifigs. A better picture of the limited edition minifigs at the inside of the back cover, the second-last picture

105 Kb

Lego Loco 2
another picture of the Lego Loco Game.

123 Kb

New: Legoland game
This is the first of the new ones: Legoland Looks like a kind of management game, with bulding your attractions, and running a Legoland parc. Must be fun!

106 Kb

New: Racers game
Building your own cars (look closely at the cars in the background!), 6 players, secret routes. Wow!

131 Kb

New: Rock Raiders game
Also a kind of management game: You have to control a mine on a distant planet...

112 Kb

New: 'Friends' (for Girls)
looks like Lego tries another charge at the girls-only market, like both of the Scalas....

120 Kb

This is in the european (german) catalog, but no mentioning of MindStorms yet...

131 Kb

The 8428 Turbo Command
Also already available

107 Kb

'Strong as a dragon'
Advertisement for the LegoLand amusement parc in Billund, Denmark. There is also a URL on this page:

103 Kb

Lego World Club
Advertisement for the Lego World Club. Nothing new.

46 Kb

Collectors Items description
A Text about the Collectors Items, contained in each Box. There will be others, for the Games not out yet.

52 Kb

Collectors Items!
These are the (computer generated) pictures of the collectors Items from the Loco, Chess and Creator CD-ROMs.

68 Kb

Back cover
This one made a good wallpaper on my computer at the company. Just the background turned light-greyish, the logo bright red, and the text in black....
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